Guide To Resizing Entries and Adding Borders
paul sandberg

Jan 23 - Program will include tips on finding places to photograph or workshops to expand your knowledge of photography. Multiple members will present a program with info on locations, time of year, what you can expect to see, etc. Should be interesting to all who travel close to or far from home with their camera. A good way to learn what's out there.

Aug 21, 2017 - Heads-Up for a total solar eclipse moving across the USA
If you plan to shoot the eclipse, please do your homework! The sun can damage your eyes and/or blind you and ruin your lens and camera. You must have a solar filter on your lens, NOT a polarizer or ND filter or welder's shield. There are several places online to get solar filters. Filters need to be mounted on the lens, not on the viewfinder. Sunlight coming directly into your lens can create enough heat to damage lens & camera. Also, motels are filling up fast for this event along paths that will be in the total eclipse. There are maps that show the path of the total eclipse from South Carolina to Oregon. The closest area to us to see the "Total" eclipse is Kentucky. Lets hope for clear skies!!!!


GDCCC Move-Up for 2017
Creative Color Moving Up To Advance
Steve Bishop, Jim Hagan, Matt Kowalski, Margaret Meehan
Creative Move-Up to StaR
Sharon Cummings
Color General Move-Up To Advance
Steve Bishop, Claudia Johnson
Color General Move-Up To Salon
Jim Hagan
Monochrome Move-Up To Advance
Andy Beavis, Pat Healey
Nature Move-Up To Advance
Mike Kowalski
Nature Move-Up To Star
Cheryl Flory
Nature Move-Up To Galaxy
Sharon Cummings

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