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Aug 21, 2017 - Heads-Up for a total solar eclipse moving across the USA
If you plan to shoot the eclipse, please do your homework! The sun can damage your eyes and/or blind you and ruin your lens and camera. You must have a solar filter on your lens, NOT a polarizer or ND filter or welder's shield. There are several places online to get solar filters. Filters need to be mounted on the lens, not on the viewfinder. Sunlight coming directly into your lens can create enough heat to damage lens & camera. Also, motels are filling up fast for this event along paths that will be in the total eclipse. There are maps that show the path of the total eclipse from South Carolina to Oregon. The closest area to us to see the "Total" eclipse is Kentucky. Lets hope for clear skies!!!!

Photo Op - Grab your camera to photograph many antique cars at Greenfield Village with people in period costumes.
Sep 9-10th. Look for Dave & Nancy when you're there!


Start The New Season Off GREAT!
Sep. 10 & 11, 2017 - Sunday Field trip in Detroit with "Out Of Chicago's" Chris Smith for members only. Then, Chris' program on Monday night at TCC will include "10 Projects To Spark Your Imagination" & "The City As Art: Composition & Night Photography". Stay tuned, more details coming.


10. You have 30,000 family photos neatly categorized in Lightroom, but zero photos of you.
9.  When at a car dealership, you translate the price of a car in your head to “Nine 5D Mark IV's.”  Your last power bill cost two monopods.
8.  Your airplane carry-on is heavier than your checked bags
7.  You describe disgusting old dilapidated barns as “beautiful.”  
6.  When performing daily duties, you adjust the angle of your head or change your line of vision for a more interesting composition.
5.  You look at a desk full of tax returns and wonder how you could photograph the stack.
4.  Your neighbors admit to you that they don't take pics of their own kids playing outside anymore because they know you will be there doing it every chance you get.
3.  You pity (and judge harshly) members of the public when you see them using their big, fancy dSLR in… automatic mode.
2.  You watch a movie and pay more attention to the aperture then to what's happening in the movie
1.  The camera in your hand is more comfortable than the tennis shoes on your feet.

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